Bulk Background Remover (beta - works on people only)

Drag your images

Bulk background remover online for free

Smart and easy online way to remove background from selfies, group photos and keep people in focus.

  1. Upload as many photos as you like
  2. You get the resulting images with background removed from photos

No uploading. No signup.

Smart and fast background remover.

Batch background remover that doesn't upload images to server. Privacy friendly. Your images stay on your machine.

How to questions

How to remove background of photos in bulk

  1. Drop your photos in the box
  2. We will do everything you
  3. It is that simple, easy and free

Is it privacy friendly?

  1. Yes it is totally privacy friendly
  2. We do not upload images on the server
  3. Your images are your property and stay on your machine

What are other use cases?

  1. You can create biometric photos with this. Those photos typically want blank background
  2. You can create passport photos. You can create driving license photos as well. Similarly, visa and other applications also want plain background